Clean and Refreshing, but is that Enough?

Blanche de ChamblyType of Beer: Belgian white ale (witbier)
Beer: Blanche de Chambly
Brewery: Sleeman Unibroue
Rating: 6/10
Place of Purchase: Whole Foods, Tampa, FL
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Damn the Torpedoes, Good Taste Ahead!

Type of Beer: American IPA

Beer: Torpedo Extra IPA Ale
Brewery:  Sierra Nevada
Rating: 8/10
Place of Purchase: Publix Supermarket
(Tampa, FL)
Bottling Date: NA

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A Colorado Ranger Worthy of Respect

New Belgium Ranger IPAType of beer: American IPA
Beer: Ranger IPA
Brewery: New Belgium
Rating: 7/10
Place of Purchase: Fry’s Food and Drug
(Tucson, AZ)
Bottling date: 5/24/12

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The Wookey Is In The House.

My first rating dilemma comes along today. Early on, we decided we were going with a ten point scale, using only whole numbers. This one falls cleanly between two whole numbers.
WookeyType of Beer: Black Rye IPA
Brewery: Firestone Walker
Rating: 9/10
Place of Purchase: Rumrunner (Tucson, AZ) Continue reading

I’ll Show You Bitter

This brew is the high water mark for me as far as high IBU beverages go. And the amazing part, this a relatively smooth, if unbelievably hoppy and bitter brew. Calling this an IPA is not really fair. This is as close to liquid hops as I have found. This brew ranks VERY high in my books, and allow me to explain why…

Palate Wrecked

Type of Beer: Imperial IPA
Beer: Palate Wrecker (Hamilton’s Ale)
Brewery: Green Flash Brewing Company
Rating: 9/10
Place of purchase: Bevmo (Tucson, AZ) Continue reading


Welcome to Brewing Debate!

Welcome to Brewing Debate. We are a few folks from around the United States who are very passionate about the beers we encounter. We also happen to be opinionated about these brews and what makes them great. The make up of the folks who are here range the gamut from insane hop heads to gueuze loving folk who believe that hops are only for bittering. And to be honest, that diversity of people who talk beer, on a very regular basis is what led to the idea of sharing our experiences, opinions and our own quests for the next beer.

And with that out of the way…

I present you all with our first brew review.

Anchor Bock

Type of beer: Bock
Beer: Anchor Bock Beer
Brewery: Anchor Brewing Company
Rating: 7/10
Place of Purchase: Plaza Liquors (Tucson, AZ) Continue reading