Clean and Refreshing, but is that Enough?

Blanche de ChamblyType of Beer: Belgian white ale (witbier)
Beer: Blanche de Chambly
Brewery: Sleeman Unibroue
Rating: 6/10
Place of Purchase: Whole Foods, Tampa, FL
Bottling Date: NA

With how much I enjoyed Unibroue’s La Fin du Monde, I have to say I was a bit let down by the Blanche de Chambly. It had a clean, inoffensive, citrusy wheat taste, but really not much else and even that is not very strong. And even though I usually have a smoother, less hop-loving palate compared to some on here, this was even a bit too weak for me.

It’s a pretty nice looking beer with a slightly cloudy deep yellow color, and the glass that this large bottle came with is a nice addition to my collection, but it’s just not a beer for me. I was surprised to read that it’s only partially filtered with how subtle the taste is. But perhaps that has more to do with what stage certain ingredients are added in than filtering.

Clean, inoffensive, refreshing. You know what else that describes? Water. Unless you’re just getting your feet wet with beer drinking, I’d say pass on this one.

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