A Pale Ale That Pales in Comparison

Type of Beer: Pale Ale
Beer: Dale’s Pale Ale
Brewery: Oskar Blues Brewery
Rating: 4/10
Place of Purchase: VG Liquors, Lawnside, NJ
Bottling Date: NA

Nose: Cirtusy, hoppy. Slight toffee hints

Mouth: Medium body. Fizzy, tangy. Finishes bitter and sour with a hard, hoppy after taste that lingers.

I was told that this was a brew to have. That this stuff was awesome! So I saw it on the shelf and thought, sure, what the hell? Why not? Then I saw the price tag and second guessed it. Then I thought about being told I had to try it. So I did.

Wish I didn’t.

When I asked the friend who pontificated about this brew’s virtues the most what the hell his problem was, he stated that it HAD to be good ’cause it was expensive. I think my brain pulled a yaoming.gif at that.

Look, I don’t know who Dale is and I’m really not trying to hurt his feelings here or anything but honestly, this was probably the least enjoyable pale ale I’ve had. It seemed like every flavor was fighting another one and the mouth feel and after taste was almost syrupy. I know exactly what it is too. It’s the hops bouquet. I don’t know who chose it or why but it doesn’t blend well at all. There are a couple distinct varieties that I can pick out and had in other brews where they fought each othere there too and made the brew unenjoyable.

I’m all for hops. I like them. I really do! I’m just not a fan of adding hops for the sake of adding hops. You don’t overfill your car with oil because more is better. You don’t dump 4 ounces of creamer into 8 ounces of coffee. Why on Earth do some of these brew masters think that dumping truckloads of hops into these brews is the way to go?

Anyway, as a beer, Dale’s Pale Ale falls short I think. It’s way too out of balance and the balance is further thrown off by the mismatch of hops profiles. The quality of the beer is good and from can to can, there was no difference. This just isn’t for me. If you like it, great. Hell, somebody has to like it ’cause the brewery has actually been expanding. So, whoever you are that likes this stuff, my hat’s off to you!

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