Not Sure What It Is, It Didn’t Quite Put A Spell On Me


Type of Beer: Lager

Beer: Abita Purple Haze
Brewery: Abita Brewing
Rating; 7/10
Place of Purchase: Whole Foods, Tampa, FL
Bottling Date: NA

I’d been curious about this beer for a while due to the Hendrix-related name and the interesting branding design, but it’s not quite what I expected. It’s a bit more bitter than I had hoped. When I read “raspberry” I thought maybe a sort of alternative form of the taste of Framboise, but it’s very different from that. The raspberry is there, but it’s more in the scent and the aftertaste. And it’s not very obvious that it’s raspberry. I smell something very strong, but I’m not sure what it is until I really smell it for a moment and really think about it.

I got so distracted by the scent that the taste hit with a lot of spice. It goes down easy but it’s not really something I’d seek out. It’s not bad, but not really great either. It’s got some sweetness to it but I wish it were more sweet than tart.  The aftertaste is a little on the sour side. Later on, I tried it again and it was a little better the second time, more clean. I don’t think it’s a bad beer, just not for me. To turn some Hendrix lyrics around, I’m not sure what it is, it didn’t quite put a spell on me.

‘Scuse me will swill this down.

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