An American Interpretation of An English Standard

Type of Beer: English Brown Ale
Beer: Real Ale
Brewery: Atlantic Brewing Company
Rating: 7/10
Place of Purchase: Joe Canal’s, Marlton, NJ
Bottling Date: NA

Nose: Malty. Hints of chocolate. Nutty. Very faint hops presentation

Mouth: Medium body. Malty with nuttiness, chocolate and oats. Not bvery bold. Finishes with a chocolate, almost coffee and faint hops bitterness

Real Ale, Atlantic Brewing Company is proud of this one. They should be too. It’s a no fuss brown ale devoid of preservatives and other stuff that nobody likes. Consequently, this stuff doesn’t have the best shelf life. I’ve gotten maybe 2 weeks out of it at best. It typically starts turning south after about a week. So if you get this, drink it fast.

Not to worry though! It’s an easy drinker! It’s heavier than most stouts and presents a similar flavor profile. It’s smooth and mellow though like most nutbrown ales. When it’s fresh, it’s hard to beat this. So ifyou have one that seems off, it’s probably been sitting around a while. I try to get it as soon as it shows up in the store.

Overall though, this is a healthy beer. It’s heavy and will fill you up quick but honestly, as beers go, this is a good one. As a nutbrown ale, it’s a little different. Not in a necessarily bad way though. Like I said, it’s like a stout but not as strong. This has a hops prescence but it’s faint and adds just a touch of bitter to the nutty maltiness that is typical of a nutbrown ale.

This is worth a try. I like it but it doesn’t always jump out at me on the shelves. Most brown ales don’t do it for me though so that’s not anything of note really. Honestly though, if you are a brown ale fan, this Real Ale has some merit to it. It’s a brown ale for sure but it’s just slightly different and different enough that it stands out from the crowd. It has some heady competition in the brown ale category too. Especially with everyone’s “standard” of Newcastle. I think this holds well against the “standard bearer”.

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