Pucker Up!

Type of Beer: Blonde Ale
Beer: Farmhouse Summer Ale
Brewery: Flying Fish Brewing Company
Rating: 6/10
Place of Purchase: Good Dog Bar, Philadelphia, PA
Bottling Date: N/A

Nose: neutral. Slightly hoppy
Mouth: medium body, spicy, malty and sour. Finishes sour

This is an odd beer. It’s an ale but it’s not a typical ale. There’s a good deal going on here. It’s hoppy like a pale ale and that shows in the spiciness of the brew. But, it’s also sour, like a Flemish Sour Ale. Likely due to the Chico yeast and the blend of hops used. It’s heavier than one would expect too even though it’s still fairly light and refreshing. For a summer brew though, I’d expect it to be lighter.

Overall, this isn’t bad. It’s a sour and bitter brew though so it’s a sipping brew. You’re not going to be inclined to take large gulps of this. Thankfully though, this brew gets delightfully more sour as it warms to room temperature so if you’re taking your time working your way through the glass, you’ll be rewarded with a rather sour finish. Kind of like a glass of lemonade that’s been sitting in the sun and all the ice has melted. There’s a pucker factor that gives you that slight little tweak at the end.

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