George Washington’s Beer…Yes, That George

Type of Beer: Porter
Beer: General Washington’s Tavern Porter
Brewery: Yards Brewing Company
Rating: 8/10
Place of Purchase: Joe Canal’s, Marlton, NJ
Bottling Date: NA

Nose: Faint. Malty. Hints of chocolate and coffee

Mouth: Heavy, creamy. Malty, chocolate, caramel, roasted nuts, slightly hoppy. Finishes bitter with a hint of piney hops.

I’ve been asked directly if I really believe that this a brew made from G. Wash’s notes. To which I wonder, to what end does Yards have to lie about such things? You can read about the brew at the provided link above. It’s really not that far fetched though so honestly, stop being so paranoid and suck up a glass of history! It’s worth it!

Yards has a tendency to not overly impress me. Where they do excel is when they are brewing for specific reasons. Like when they brew the house brews for a tavern. Or when they are making something like this!

This served to impress me. I didn’t know what to expect and given the description, I was expecting something off but worth trying for the experience. Gladly, I was mistaken! This is actually very good! It’s not the best porter I’ve had. It lacks a healthy nose and it’s aftertaste is more hoppy than malty but it finishes clean and is very creamy. I’ve also never seen glass lacing this thick.

Unlike other porters, this has very little sweetness to it. It has a complex flavor profile full of chocolates, caramels, coffees and roasted nuts. There’s that semi-sweet tinge of molasses in there too. Like a good Bermuda black rum. This is about as complex as porters get. It’s a treat for the taste buds!

I like porters with a dinner. Some like them afterwards but honestly, they lend themselves so well to a savory meal of beer, lamb or other red meat. I’m actually having a mushroom-swiss patty melt with mine right now! Yeah, it makes for a heavy meal but there is just so much to enjoy about this!

Then again, according to Yards, this was brewed to supplement Washington’s troops diets. This could probably be a meal by itself. Although, if Washington’s army’s rations included this porter, I can see why so many stuck with him through the most horrible of conditions. I’d have hung around too if this was fed to me daily!

So as a beer, high marks. Glass lacing, flavor profiles, you name it, this hits all the marks. As a porter, disappointed in the nose and a the aftertaste. Overall though, this is in the top echelons of porters. Whether it is or isn’t G.W.’s brew! Sam Adams isn’t the only American, Patriot, Brewer that knew what he was doing! He needs to move over and make some room for American, General, Patriot, President, Brewer, George Washington!

Grab this if you can! I also recently found where I can get it on tap! If it’s this good out of a bottle, it’s gotta be outta this world from the barrel!

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