Who Said Disco Sucks?

Type of Beer: Double IPA

Beer: Disco IPA
Brewery: Evil Twin Brewing Company
Rating: 9/10
Place of Purchase: Monk’s Belgian Cafe and Beer Emporium
Bottling Date: NA

Nose: citrusy and piney with floral hints. Strong fragrance

Mouth: heavy, sweetness of heavy malts is present and strong but balanced by the strong hops presence.

This is an in your face beer. The name is apt and you’d think this would be conflicted being so strong but it’s not. It’s very balanced. It reminds me of a brisk autumn day. The coolness of the air tainted by the aroma of warm, freshly fallen leaves baking in the sun. Add the pungent smell of freshly turned dirt and the sweet smell of trampled late season grass and you get the idea behind this beer.

It’s complex but simple. It’s a definitive IPA and has all the hallmarks of a standard IPA. There’s just more of it and that’s not a bad thing at all. It’s thick, like a porter but dark amber in color. It holds a good head too. Actually, it holds an impressive head! Just look at the picture! The finish is fruity, slightly sour, bitter and slightly malty. But again, definitive malt presence.

Much of the complexity comes from the aging. They age this beer in Chardonnay casks. Much of the floral hints and some of the earthy tones a definitively “vinous” as Evil Twin states. I’ve had other beers that were aged in old wine barrels too and they used strong wines with more robust flavor profiles like Pinot noir or Merlots. They can be on the overpowering side. Disco, however, uses the mellow, neutral and dry Chardonnay. Instead of being on the forefront of the flavor and aroma profiles, the wine hints are noticeable but not drawing attention to themselves. It ends up with a very complex beer that tastes like a beer with hints of something else that you just can’t put your finger on but it’s really familiar. It’s so well done that I didn’t recognize what I was tasting and smelling until I went to the website and looked up Disco. When I saw “vinous IPA thoughtfully aged on Chardonnay wine barrels” it was like somebody shined the Bat Signal in my face and I had an AH HA! moment.

I wish I could say more about this but I only had enough time to sample one of these. I have to say though that it was impressive. Evil Twin is fairly new to my area and this was the 2nd brew I have tried from them. Every single one I have tried from Evil Twin has been amazing! I’m a fan of this brewery. They won me over! Even though Disco Sucks, this is a Disco I can get behind!

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