A Stranger Kind of Brew

Type of Beer: American Pale Ale
Beer: Stranger Pale Ale
Brewery: Left Hand Brewing, Colorado
Rating: 6/10
Place of Purchase: Joe Canal’s, Marlton, NJ
Bottling Date: N/A

Well I have a little place in my heart for Left Handed Brewery. I am left handed and we should all stick together! I wanted to pick up another pack of beer (along with the Pumpkin Ale that I collected) while I was out the other night and came across the Stranger. I have heard of them, but this was the first beer I have had by them.

For me, when I think of the Stranger, I think of the Billy Joel song. A good tune and one of his better albums. I think Billy had a good run of albums there … Turnstiles, Stranger, 52nd Street and then Glasshouses..  I know my fellow blogger here, loved their Milk Stout and I can only figure that maybe, the Left-handers can get on a little run like William Joel.

After bringing the beer home, I grabbed a pint glass and poured the beer into it to find a decent yellowish head that held well. The body was a hazy golden copper color.

The smells were some faint floral hop bouquet and citrus. It was nothing overpowering but I did enjoy it.

The taste was very malty. It was the strongest flavor that I picked up. The citrus fruitness was not very present and the hop character was barely present. Giving that type of description might make you think it was bland, but it was more different from a lot of other American Pale Ale out there. I actually appreciated the way they went with something different between the look of it, to the smell and taste.

Overall, it was a pretty good brew that I would try again at some point. It is not something, I would make a special point at getting. I am definitely interested in trying another one from my Left Handed compadres. I am still hopeful that overall they can put together a good run of brews. If anything, it was not up to the standard of the Stranger from Billy Joel, but probably more like Cold Stone Harbor. It is something different that may not be appreciated, but something that you would enjoy.


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