Not as Prima as I Had Hoped

Type of Beer: Pilsner

Beer: Victory Prima Pils
Brewery: Victory Brewing Company
Rating: 6/10
Place of Purchase: Joe Canal’s, Marlton, NJ
Bottling Date: N/A

Nose: Sweet, floral, slight citrus
Mouth: Tangy, malty, slight pine. Finishes sour with a slight hoppy bite.

This is not as impressive as other Victory brews. It’s not a bad brew overall but as a pilsner, it doesn’t hold up against other options in the market place.

Pilsners are lagers so one would expect them to be malty. However, this has a combination of hops that just puts me off a bit. At least in regards to a pilsner. It’s not something I’d expect as a pilsner. That classification really detracts some points for this brew. It’s almost an identity crisis. It’s like a college kid that grew up as a WASPy Republican but holds liberal values and votes Democrat even though they are the ONLY Democrat in their family. It’s like Prima Pils knows it’s a beer, it knows it’s a Pilsner but it’s embarrassed about that and is trying to be something different. Even though we all know it’s a WASPy Republican. It’s hard to explain, really.

Thing is, though, I like this brew. Victory says it’s supposed to be sweet and smooth with an herbal bite and it is. It’s also thirst quenching and easy to drink. It is all that and then some. It’s a nice beer to relax with and watch TV or play video games or surf the internet or yell at kids to get off your lawn from your front porch. It’s easy to drink with any activity.

It’s just that Pilsner thing. I want to give this an 8 out of 10 ’cause it’s a fairly well balanced beer. It’s just not what I would expect from a Pilsner. Maybe it’s just me and I’m expecting something I shouldn’t be. I just don’t see this as a good example of a quality pilsner. It’s better than the light pilsners and other mass-market deals with the GIANT brewers. Certainly by far. I have had better pilsners than this though.

If you haven’t had this, don’t be afraid to try it. In fact, try and tell me what you think in the comments, please! I’d love to hear how wrong I am. Maybe I give this a more fighting chance in the future. The funny thing is, as critical as I am about this beer, it’s a bit of a weakness. If I see it on the shelf, it’s a top contender for my money and I find myself grabbing a sixer when I can’t make up my mind on anything else. So call me a hypocrite. At least I’m not in denial like this brew is.

One thought on “Not as Prima as I Had Hoped

  1. I did not care for this stuff at all. It may have something to do with how I drink, though. A little too fast for the stronger brews. Or perhaps I’m just not used to Pilsners yet. It mostly hit me as sour and hoppy with a hint of pine. The sourness really bothered me the most.

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