Enjoyed. An excellent IPA experiment.

Stone Enjoy By

Type of Beer: Double / Imperial IPA

Beer: Stone Enjoy By 09.21.12 IPA
Brewery: Stone Brewing Company
Rating: 10/10
Place of Purchase: Uncertain to me, obtained by friend in Los Angeles, CA.
Bottling Date: No bottling date, but the consume by date is made extremely clear.

Nose: Hoppy (very citrusy, a little pine)

Mouth: Initially, lighter than I expected, extremely balanced, quite flowery and hoppy, a resinous dank hoppiness which is extremely pleasant. Almost no bitter to the aftertaste (which actually tasted like the brew itself).

This beer, like many other beers, has a story. The internet is an amazing place, more than half of the drinkers writers on this blog I have never met in person. This brew was obtained through a person who I am familiar with online, but again, have never personally met. I had been aware of this brew since its announcement in early summer, and had been waiting to discover what the distribution would be. When the distribution was announced, I posted a general awareness post on the different forums and online social media sites that I frequent. Not 15 minutes later did an online friend post that he was on the phone with his local shop, who confirmed that the distributor would be getting their only shipment the following Monday. The following Monday I got a message that he had purchased one for himself and one for me. I was, needless to say, extremely excited.


The beer arrived and I was tempted to consume it on the spot, but I have a drinking partner who appreciates hops and IPAs nearly as much as I do, so, against every fiber of being, I waited.

Last night, the opportunity came to consume this fine brew. So with some trepidation we opened the bottle, poured it into halves and were immediately impressed by the smell alone, which was all floral, citrusy hops, and nothing else. Then we tried it, and agreed that this brew is only rivaled in smoothness by Pliny. It is a brew that is balanced, and clearly fresh… The hops are everywhere in this. There was a hint of fruitiness to the flavor, sort of peachy/orangey, but this was only just there, trying to find its way between the hops.

When we finished our glasses, we mourned the fact that we would never have this again. Yes, we know that there will be other Enjoy By brews in this series. In fact, you can vote on the next locations at the following page: http://www.stonebrewing.com/enjoyby/.

This beer was an experience, and in Stone’s way, which is when they nail a special edition brew, they completely nail it, this brew was off the charts in a manner which I did not expect.

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