Milk Stout Is My New Favorite

Type of Beer: Stout

Beer: Milk Stout
Brewery: Left Hand Brewing Co.
Rating; 10/10
Place of Purchase: Grapevine, Westchase, FL
Bottling Date: NA

This brew was a bit of a lucky find. I just popped into a little liquor store on the way to my in-law’s on the 4th of July and found this. I’d heard about this beer through a mentioning on Jalopnik’s oppositelock (off topic forum) some time ago. I wish I could remember who recommended it so that I could shake his hand (may have been NinetyQ or MR2_FTW), because this is my new favorite beer.

I should take a step back and mention that I am not just a beer drinker, but a coffee drinker as well. More like a coffee fiend, if I’m honest. And this Milk Stout has a hint of coffee to it that is delicious! In some ways the aftertaste reminds me a little of the Starbucks Doubleshot energy drink. I know what you’re thinking “GROSS!” but it’s not reminiscent of that in a bad way. It’s as far as I know, just milk and stout beer, but it tastes like a combination of beer and coffee. I liked it so much that I had 3 of them that night and almost completely ignored the Rogue American Amber Ale, that I bought at the same time just because it was the 4th.

When we had to leave and I decided to give one away to my brother in law to try, it almost hurt to give one up. haha That’s how good this is! This will probably become a regular on my shopping list from now on, assuming I can find it in a location closer to my house. I highly recommend you try it, especially if you’re a coffee lover. Instant favorite for me.


5 thoughts on “Milk Stout Is My New Favorite

  1. I would recommend sampling this particular beer before buying a whole six pack. It’s definitely a strong flavor, but I couldn’t taste anything that resembled coffee. To me it really tasted like drinking soy sauce — a very unpleasant shock… 😦

  2. Yes, for the guys out there. If your wife prefers sweet tastes, don’t let her tell you this tastes like soy sauce while you’re drinking it, like mine did, or you’ll be yelling COFFEE!! repeatedly to get the thought out of your mind. Lousy power of suggestion. hehe

  3. I found this locally but I’m afraid to try it!

    I don’t want a beer based on milk that tastes like soy sauce!

    • Just don’t let anyone say the word “soysauce” around you as you drink it and you should be okay. It probably would help if you have a preference for salty foods too, as I do.

  4. OK. I tried it.

    Color me impressed.

    It’s not the best stout I’ve ever had but it’s pretty damn close. I’m not getting the soy sauce thing at all. I think TrampaOnline’s wife needs her head examined.

    What I do get is an almost bitter aroma. Like coffee. Only a bit nuttier and more chocolatey. If that’s even a word. It’s not off-putting at all and I don’t get the sour milk smell either.

    It has a medium body with slight carbonation. It’s malty but barely so. It reminds me of toast, actually. Regular, old, country white bread toast. And coffee. However, it finishes slightly hoppy with a definitive coffee flavor. The hops is s faint that I can’t even identify it.

    Overall though, this is a pleasant brew. Unlike that sorry excuse for a stout that everyone gets absolutely militant about, this has some body to it. It laces the glass very nicely too and that head is a dark, rich and creamy foam almost like a mousse or a creme brulee.

    I wouldn’t call this a 10 out of 10. More like an 8 out of 10 ’cause there are stouts I like better. But I’d certainly buy this again. Hell, I’d get it just to give it to friends and see the looks on their faces both before and after they try it! It’s a beer snob buster for sure!

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