A Perfect Compliment to a Hot Summer Night

Type of Beer: Pilsner, Ale

Beer: Summer Love
Brewery: Victory Brewing Company
Rating: 8/10
Place of Purchase: VG Liquors, Lawnside, NJ
Bottling Date: NA

First things first. Victory calls this an Ale which, if it’s not lagered, it is an ale. However, they use a 2-row German pilsner malt which makes it a pilsner ale if that’s even possible. I qualified it as a plsner though because that’s the look and feel it has.

Nose is strong. Hoppy and bitter. Hints of lemon and malt. Light malt though, like a pilsner.

Mouth is a medium body, slightly creamy and has a sting of carbonation.

Flavor has strong hop presentation, immediately bitter and switches to sour with definitive lemony taste. Finishes malty with a mix of bitter and sour hops.

The bottle has a baseball on it. Victory is presenting this as a summer brew. Normally I like hoppy beers in autumn because they bring a kind of warmth and briskness that the typical, hearty Octoberfests don’t have. However, with the very lemony presentation of the hops in this brew, it changes the whole thing for me. It’s not like a Bavarian Radler which is traditionally a German lemonade mixed with typically a lager. BTW, you should find a Radler and try it. It’s different but very refreshing. I have one in mind for another review so watch for it.

Anyway, Summer Love, with the citrusy presentation reminds me of a Radler but it’s not. It’s an ale and it’s bitter and sour like a lemonade. But the sweet malt that comes through in the after taste leaves a clean finish and dispels any pucker factor you might experience. But watching a ball game on a hot summer night, that sweet, earthy smell of that freshly mowed grass cooling down from baking in the sun all day. The leather oil, the pine tar, hot dogs, a bag of fresh roasted peanuts and a cold Summer Love, that’s a pleasant experience for the ages! It’s hard to improve on a summer night in America, especially at the ballpark but, I think Victory has done a good job of complimenting it well.

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