Damn the Torpedoes, Good Taste Ahead!

Type of Beer: American IPA

Beer: Torpedo Extra IPA Ale
Brewery:  Sierra Nevada
Rating: 8/10
Place of Purchase: Publix Supermarket
(Tampa, FL)
Bottling Date: NA

Let me start this off by saying welcome to Brewing Debate. As the others have said, we are not seeking to become the next authority on beer, nor are we beer snobs, we’re just guys wanting to trade opinions on beer. So please feel free to post your opinions of these brews in the comments, whether it agrees with our opinion or not.

I am also not typically a big fan of IPAs. Typically not having very much money for fancy beer, it’s usually Stella Artois, Dos Equis, or Blue Moon for me. Tonight, I decided to try something new in the name of science. My past experience with IPA has been a bit rough, like a kick in the face. It’s an acquired taste that I have yet to acquire, but Torpedo was a nice step towards that. I’d been curious about Sierra Nevada since I won a beer glass with their logo on it last year during Octoberfest at Mr. Dunderbak’s.

Before taking the first sip, I popped the top and gave it a whiff. It smelled strong, and it was at first. The first few tastes were a strong rush of pine and bitterness at the back of my tongue. “Oh no, business as usual,” I thought. But after the first few, it got much better, drinkable even. I didn’t even mind the fact that just then, I noticed that I wasn’t really paying much attention when I poured it and had wound up with a huge head on top of the glass. That would never do for a photo. I’d have to drink another. And I actually didn’t mind.

The flavor gives me the feeling that with a nice steak, this would be dynamite. But contrary to past experiences with stronger brews like Hop Devil, it’s even pretty good on it’s own. I’m giving this a 8/10. I’d definitely try it again, and it was already good enough that I’ve had two of them. It’s not something I’d normally seek out, but very good for a beginner to IPAs, like myself.

TrampaOnline a.k.a. Bryce

2 thoughts on “Damn the Torpedoes, Good Taste Ahead!

  1. Man, been to 4 liquor stores in my area this weekend and nobody had this. They all have the regular Pale Ale but not the Torpedo.

  2. You know what? Finally found this but, not a fan.

    It’s horribly unbalanced. It has a hint of sweet but it’s quickly squashed by excessive hops. The hops seem to fight each other too. If you’re a hop head then this is for you. If you’re fan of the IPA’s, this falls short. It’s not unenjoyable but it’s very skewed towards the hops side. I don’t see this as a very good example of an IPA. there are better ones out there.

    It’s deceiving though. The nose doesn’t hint at the hops assault. It’s quite pleasant. But that first sip is just, wow. Overpowering. As an IPA, 6 out of 10 at best. I think 8 out of 10 is high.

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